Weigh in: Week one

As excited as I am to read everyone’s first week results, I was even more anxious to figure out my own. This week has gone very well and while there were some definite hurdles placed in front of me, I feel that overall I did a very good job and have come out even more determined to stick to the diet.

With all of that, what are the numbers? As most of you know, I weighed in at 225.6lbs. My overall goal is to be down to about 190lbs., and to get there my weekly goal is 3lbs. So, as I am sure you’ve already done the math, I would like to be at 222.6lbs. this week. I’m happy to report that I weighed in at 218.8lbs. I lost ~ 7lbs. this week. I realize that these numbers can be very tricky – so my goal for week two is to be at 219.6lbs. or 6 total pounds since my first weigh in. Not that I want to gain any weight, but I don’t expect these numbers not to fluctuate.

I have a new goal to add to my overall goal as well. I am planning on going camping near the end of July. So I would like my weigh in for July 18th to be about 210lbs, or a loss of around 15 pounds total. I feel this is attainable, and I will be striving to make or exceed that goal.

Eliza’s results

Eliza doesn’t have her own blog, yet – so she wanted me to update everyone on her progress. Eliza will release her “weight” numbers when she has reached her goal, but she doesn’t mind her progress numbers being out there. This week Eliza lost 5lbs, which is admirable since she began her diet before most of us did. I believe her goal is around 2lbs. per week to lose, so she is obviously doing very well on her diet. This brings her total loss since she started her diet to 21lbs. See, I told you she was an inspiration!

I hope all of you had as good of a week as Eliza and I did. If you gained a few pounds, if you didn’t lose as much as you wanted to, please do not be discouraged – the numbers don’t mean as much as your determination to continue your road to health.

Also, a quick aside: I will be releasing details about our sponsorship as early as this afternoon or tomorrow. I’m trying to negotiate the right deal that benefits each and every dieter the most – so that we will continue to be successful on our diets. Thank you for the continued support.

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