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  • Martin McCallion on Text Editors

    Martin McCallion: If you work with plain text, as I prefer to, then you probably try out different text editors from time to time (or, you know, constantly). For a long time I used plain text files via nvAlt (as McCallion does). I miss plain text files. Then I moved to Simplenote. Then for a…

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  • The Evernote slide continues

    Evernote just announced a price increase. A rare thing to see. Back in November of last year I wrote about Simplenote having a "moment" due to the exodus from Evernote that was seemingly happening. I’d be willing to bet that is about to accelerate. Back then, I wrote: Anecdotal evidence suggests that the people that…

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  • Simplenote’s moment

    The running theme the last few weeks is how many people, including myself, are leaving Evernote behind for either Apple’s Notes or Simplenote. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the people that are leaving Evernote are those who first started using it when it was still simple and mostly text-based. So while there are likely thousands and thousands…

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