The Evernote slide continues

Evernote just announced a price increase. A rare thing to see. Back in November of last year I wrote about Simplenote having a "moment" due to the exodus from Evernote that was seemingly happening. I’d be willing to bet that is about to accelerate. Back then, I wrote:

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the people that are leaving Evernote are those who first started using it when it was still simple and mostly text-based. So while there are likely thousands and thousands of people who fit the criteria of just wanting a simple text-based note taking app, it may not put a huge dent in Evernote’s overall numbers. Evernote’s broader user base likely does use the myriad other features it has. But this exodus could help build a smaller competitor into a much larger one.

Based on the traffic that post has gotten this week I’d guess people are Googling for Simplenote.

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