An aerial comparison of Carbondale, PA in 1948 and 2023

Sometime near 1948 Fiore Cerra took an aerial photograph of Carbondale, Pennsylvania that captured how very different a place it was just 75 years ago or so. I live near Carbondale and the moment I saw Cerra’s aerial I knew I wanted to try to recreate it. Well, in early 2023 I did and I uploaded a quick comparison of the two images to Instagram at the time.

Recently, however, after talking with Cody Gonsauls – the founder of the Carbondale Township Historical Society – I knew I wanted to revisit this data and see if I could make it easier to compare the two images. This morning I uploaded a 12s video to YouTube that helps do just that. I also emailed Cody a bunch of comparison images for the society’s digital archives. Here are some of them.

1948 Aerial credit Fiore Cerra (source)
2023 Aerial made by me (perspective adjusted to match 1948 aerial)
Cropped 2023 aerial to 1948 aerial’s dimensions
1948 aerial overlayed on 2023 aerial

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