I’m trying Safari for the rest of this week in place of Arc. I’m not revolting against them, I just feel as though our values are no longer aligned. They’ve shifted from trying to build a really great web browser (which they’ve already done, imo) to chasing AI venture dollars. I don’t blame them. I’m sure their overhead would make me sweat.

So far I’ve been able to replicate some of the features that made me so productive in Arc. I can sort of make vertical tabs and their grouping work similarly by adding two tab groups to each of my Safari Profiles: Favorites and Today. What I haven’t been able to replicate is Little Arc (and its ability to send a link to a specific Space/Profile) and the ability to quickly move a tab from one Space/Profile to another (though, dragging works for Safari).

I will say I’m a bit surprised at the bugginess of Safari. I was an avid Safari on Desktop user for many years and I can’t remember a time it has ever been so buggy. I’ll give you one example; Safari has an option to always open pages (or, links you’ve clicked from other apps like Mail or Ivory) in a tab rather than in a new window. This simply does not work consistently. Because it is so easily replicated I’m going to submit a Feedback (though we all know how those go).

Update March 20: Meet Switcheroo!

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