Stop relying on Google

Slowly, over the last decade, I've been pulling myself away from using Google services.

Over 10 years ago I tried instead of Google Search. It took a few years, but once it stuck, I haven't turned back. I bet the number of searches I make on Google per month is in the single digits.

Like Search, I've pulled myself away from Google Docs, Drive, Photos (which was painful, but I'm glad I did it), Calendar, Mail, Home, and Maps.

I have done all of this because I don't trust Google. First, I do not trust Google to keep any of their services other than Search running longterm. And second, I don't trust Google with my personal data.

This past week Google proved, yet again, it is the king of all software sun setters by announcing they are shutting down Google Stadia. Yet another service they've created and shut down with apparently no remorse. Just look at this cemetery.

John Gruber:

At this point you’d be a damn fool to get excited about a new Google platform and think, “This is something great that I’ll be able to count on.”

The only service Google is likely to keep running longterm is Search. It is their cash cow. It isn't even close. Even the smash hit YouTube pales in comparison to Google Search revenue. Everything else is an afterthought.

I'm so much happier and sleep so much better knowing that I do not rely on Google and that they no longer are mining data from my activity on their services.