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  • Stop relying on Google

    Slowly, over the last decade, I’ve been pulling myself away from using Google services. Over 10 years ago I tried Duck.com instead of Google Search. It took a few years, but once it stuck, I haven’t turned back. I bet the number of searches I make on Google per month is in the single digits.…

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  • Om Malik on Google Photos vs Apple Photos

    I’ve finally found some time this morning to read Om Malik’s post on Google Photos vs Apple Photos – a post that has been sitting in my Unmark queue since the day he published it. Om Malik: The improvements in Google Photos and lack of magic in Apple Photos sometimes make me wonder if I…

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  • Warning: Gmail affected by Google Drive space

    A few months ago I gave Google Photos a trial. I wanted to give the service a real, honest test so I purchased one of Google’s larger Drive plans (1 TB) and started uploading. Google Photos isĀ great. In fact, the only reason I didn’t stick with it was because — like so many Google things…

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