Over the last few years I’ve been able to help several companies transfer Stripe Subscriptions from one Stripe Account to another. Some of them were simply moving from one geography to another while others were acquisitions to or from the United States.

Recently, the number of inquires I’ve had for this service from my hire page had been on the rise. So clearly this is a needed service.

So I took some time and created a simple one page website to promote this service with a very easy way to get in touch.

While I documented some of the ins and outs in a post back in 2017, there is a lot more to think about when doing this transfer. Here are just a few things that need to be considered in addition to my 2017 post:

  • Migrating webhooks between accounts
  • Deploy code changes to your application to account for the new Stripe account
  • Depreciating access to the old Stripe account at the appropriate time
  • Removing ownership between all parties as ownership changes hands
  • Updating Subscription IDs for your Customers in your app’s database
  • And much more

Fortunately, I’ve been keeping notes, I keep my code documented, and I’ve done this now for several companies with varying complexities in their set ups.

I’m confident I’ve saved a lot of time, money, and headaches for the companies I’ve provided this service for. In fact, more often than not downtime can be avoided altogether. And I’ve done it at an affordable price.

If you, your customers, or anyone you know ends up having this need – please send them to

How I built

I built quicker than any other website I’ve made since 1994. In 2021 it is now possible to spin up sites easier, faster, and cheaper than ever.

  • I bought the domain on my account
  • I downloaded a template from
  • I grabbed some art from Undraw
  • I edited the template and committed the code to a free private repo on Github
  • I spun up a static site app on my Digital Ocean account (which is free, by the way)
  • The site deploys every time I commit and push a change
  • I set up Calendly to help me schedule calls

Being a 25 year veteran of the internet I’m still astounded at how easy all of this stuff is these days. I likely could have done it all from my phone.

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