Colin Devroe

Photographer. Podcaster. Blogger. Reverse Engineer.

Hire me

I currently have extremely limited availability. Email me at

Programming Rates

$250 per hour. Minimum of 10 hour ($2,500) commitment. I include several payment schedules as options with all of my estimates. See also legal below.

Photographic Rates

All projects quoted separately, however a general estimate is $200/hr with most projects being a minimum of 2 hours. If the work cannot be added to my portfolio there will be a fee.



I’m proficient in JavaScript (Node, ReactJS, Vanilla), PHP (example), HTML, CSS.

I’ve built and maintained tens of thousands of installations of WordPress that drive millions of page views per month.

I’ve also deployed mobile apps in Swift/OBJ-C, ReactJS.


I’ve had the privilege to work on several large scale internet services.

This includes experience in raising capital, building teams, managing product workflows and teams, prototyping, designing, and building highly scalable platforms and software products, and exiting.

Creative + Photography

I’ve helped companies design and deploy their brands (example, example), designed mobile and desktop applications at scale, and worked on photography projects of all sizes (examples coming soon).

See also, my personal photographic work.


Would you like your ad on The Watercolor Gallery (see also, @h2ocolor), inside of Unmark, or on my podcast?

Or, perhaps you’d like me to review your product here on my blog.

Past clients

  • TubeMogul
  • Aol
  • Xerox
  • McGraw Hill
  • C-SPAN
  • Sony
  • Voce
  • Google
  • WordPress VIP
  • Disney Parks
  • Uncrate
  • Wine Library
  • Jujama
  • Viddler
  • Benco Dental


If you require the signing of an NDA or Non-compete there is a $2,000 fee to sign your NDA and the Non-compete will be quoted based on its terms. If you do not allow me to share the work in my portfolio there is also a fee for that. You will need to sign my work agreement. It has a confidentiality agreement included.