What I saw somewhat recently #78: May 27, 2021

We installed a pool this past weekend

I missed last week due to being very busy at work.

  • Bryan Schutmaat - Some great stuff in his portfolio.
  • Vandal - A Chrome and Firefox plugin (which I do not use, currently) that searches The Wayback Machine to show you a page's history.
  • River Runner - Drop some water anywhere on the map, and watch how it gets to the ocean. I used it to see where the water that feeds our creek really comes from.
  • Undraw - Open source illustrations for all sorts of stuff.
  • Photographs of trees - Bryan Formhals asked on Twitter for tree-related photography projects. The responses were great. Here are a few I enjoyed: MYoung Ho Lee, Frank Horvat, Neil Burnell, Yan Wang Preston.
  • Project Starline - A new technology from Google that makes it appear as though someone is sitting right in front of you using a hologram. It looks next level. This is the sort of technology that you know will take many years before you see it. If ever.
  • Flickr profiles Chris Dahl-Bredine - What a cool way to make photographs!
  • DOM Events - An interesting and interactive ways to learn how events traverse the DOM.
  • This crazy NBA play - It gets better every time you see it.
  • Great Wave Explained - The inspiration for The Watercolor Gallery's logo.