Greg Avola steps down as Untappd CEO

Greg Avola:

As this continued, I started to feel symptoms of depression, anger and sadness.  I kept all these emotions inside. I struggled to disconnect. That pushed me down toward the rabbit hole even further. Relationships at work started to suffer, including with people that I’d hired and seen grow within the company. It got really worse to the point where it affected my personal life, where I was mentally emotional and not a joy to be around. My health also suffered, I stopped working out, I was out of breath for no reason, tired all the time and not eating right.

I can empathize with Greg having also been through many dark periods while founding a company. I’m glad he’s taking some steps to heal. But I will say that I worry about Untappd because it is one of my most favorite apps. It may actually be a near perfect app for what it is. I’m sure Greg played an oversized role in that. I hope he’s able to look back and know how great Untappd is.

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