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  • Greg Avola steps down as Untappd CEO

    Greg Avola: As this continued, I started to feel symptoms of depression, anger and sadness.  I kept all these emotions inside. I struggled to disconnect. That pushed me down toward the rabbit hole even further. Relationships at work started to suffer, including with people that I’d hired and seen grow within the company. It got…

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  • The best of 2020 as told by me

    I didn’t want to get too deep into 2021 before I compiled my best of list for 2020. I usually begin to compile this list somewhere near the beginning of December and publish it before the new year starts – but I didn’t get that chance this year. The most difficult part about making this…

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  • Untappd hits 10

    Untappd, the app that helps me track the beers I’ve had, liked, disliked, etc. is celebrating its 10th anniversary. I signed up to Untappd in 2014 and used it for a little while but then kept forgetting to. But then, a few years ago, I decided to give it another try. The app had improved…

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