Jack Baty’s bad film experience

Jack Baty, 11 years ago:

I ran out of film while on a deserted island. I set the ISO incorrectly on my OM-1, overexposing the roll by 2 stops. I opened the bottom of the Leica M7 before rewinding the roll. I had only a 28mm prime lens with me when what I needed was a telephoto. I was in fading light with nothing but Fuji PRO 160. Walgreens scratched one of the negatives during processing. The lens hood I used caused terrible vignetting. And so on. Oh, and I left a roll of exposed film in the pocket of a pair of shorts. it didn’t survive a trip through the laundry.

I’m glad Jack shared this link with me. He may not know it, but it makes me feel better about my little mishap. Someone always has it worse. (Sorry Jack).

While I am upset that I lost 30 frames from two different photo excursions – one to the NY state border where I shot photos of bridges, and several frames from the waterfall and of a friend – I am trying to focus on the fact that I enjoyed the experience even if I lost those photos. Both days were lovely days and I really had a great time. I’m choosing to focus on that.

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