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Lost 30 frames of film due to the camera not advancing the film. C’est la vie.


jack says:

@cdevroe Ouch! Always a bummer when stuff like that happens.

Jim Grey says:

We’ve all been there.

Colin Devroe says:

I’ve been thinking back to see if I could have avoided the situation. I don’t know. But either way, I’m just going to move on and remember the fun I had taking the photos instead.

cdevroe says:

@jack Yes. I am trying not to focus on it. I had fun shooting the photos at least.

@cdevroe Oh no!

Hopefully it made for an interesting multiple exposure, at least?

jemostrom says:

@cdevroe The time I was most upset when it happened to me was when I was a teenager and managed to photograph a couple of beavers from 5-10 meters. I took 36 exposures and ended up with 1 single exposure 🥵

jack says:

@cdevroe My first major failure with using film while traveling: (language warning). Wasn’t the last time, and I’ll probably always use film at some level, but your anecdote resonated 🙂



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