Om Malik: Why bother with film?


One aspect of film that I have personally found appealing is the restrictions it imposes. Film photography is about constraints. It limits the frames at your disposal. It limits the capability of the sensor (aka the film.) And in most cases, it limits the choice of lens and equipment. Such constraints tend to ultimately free you from choices that come with digital photography. 

And, ultimately:

I am not sure I have the patience or desire to go through being exclusively on film again. It is not worth the time. At least, not for me. After all, I am not selling a story. I am not pushing content to my followers. I barely share photos. I make photos because they allow me to escape reality and enter into a dreamscape. In this place, for a few brief moments, ugliness stops. And magic unfolds.

I appreciate Om’s perspective. And I’m glad he tried and benefited from using film. We had a nice conversation on Twitter last night about it.

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