Three updates to my site

I’ve recently made three small updates to my site.

I suppose the first one isn’t so small. I’ve changed web hosts. Last week I migrated this site from WP Engine (which was getting very costly) to Dreamhost (which, so far, has under performed).

Moving the site was rather painless. However, the performance of Dreamhost’s shared services is very poor. I don’t even know why they offer it. My blog does not receive very high traffic but I get warnings nearly every day about there being performance issues related to my site. I would think that WordPress, out-of-the-box with very little in the way of plugins, for a personal web site would be easy to host. A slam dunk. I guess not.

So, at my next opportunity I’ll be looking to move hosts once again (though I did pay for an entire year). Recommendations welcome. I figure $100-200 a year is plenty for a personal blog.

Second, I’ve removed the ads I had on my site. You may not have even noticed them. That is because I only showed ads on posts that were older than 7 days old. I did this for a few months as an experiment. The ads made money but I hated seeing them on my site. The experiment was to see whether or not I could tolerate having them for the few dollars they’d generate. The answer is no.

Third, recently I’ve begun posting groups of images to my site. The reason I’ve started doing this is to remove some friction in my photo publishing process. I used to post single images per post and so trips or photoshoot days were spread out over many posts. Now, though, I’m wrapping all of those images into single posts, like this one. I find this much easier and so I’ll likely do it more often.

The problem then became that on my images page there was no way to tell which posts had single images or which had multiple. I’ve now added a small visual cue to show how many images are on that post. I like the way it turned out.

Decades in and my personal site continues to be one of my very favorite projects.

    I know what you mean, tweaking things is almost a religion. If I find that working on my site is interesting then I know that things are reasonably okay with life.

    @cdevroe one note re: your Dreamhost issues. I’ve been a customer for a REALLY long time and when I’ve gotten those errors it hasn’t been me but someone else on the shared server that was over-consuming. At least in the past they had a really weird/bad notification system.

    Danny Nicolas

    Digital Ocean’s one click WordPress instances are probably the best $/m deal. Even their $5/m server is probably better than what dreamhost is giving for shared hosting

    @cdevroe very cool. I’m using DigitalOcean for pretty much all my hosting needs. I’m happy with it. I’ve also used Arcustech in the past and have liked it.

    @noah Any idea on cost for two blogs on DO? I’ve heard good things.

    @cdevroe the lower tier droplets should be plenty. $5, 10, 20/month depending on size. I host all my dev sites, including client dev sites on a single droplet without problems.

    @cdevroe As I mentioned earlier, I also had lots of issues there. Also got thev emails that I exceed my memory limit. Once or was supposed to be more than 3000 times within a week or two. I know my page views, and it really can’t be those 😁 Do you also get the”offer” to upgrade your hosting? I’m now on Siteground for a month or two and have zero issues with them. Everything is smooth and fast. So far very happy with them.

    Not that I use them at the moment, but I’ve always found Siteground really good. Although, their initial discounted price jumps up significantly when you come to renew.

    You might also find this site helpful:

    @cdevroe @noah I’m currently grabbing with setting up a droplet but it’s proving a little challenging, for a few reasons. But I love the idea of paying only $5/month for a few low-traffic sites.

    @cdevroe @manton this is happening to me a lot on Android, Chrome, web app. M.b is leaving off words somehow. Perhap a Chrome issue

    @cdevroe DigitalOcean for 2 blogs shouldn’t cost you more than $5 per month. Not unless they are extremely high traffic sites.

    I have been all over the place with shared and managed hosting, and nothing compares to DO. More importantly even a Linux noob like me can manage things perfectly with ServerPilot. I would highly recommend it.

    Cannot say I have noticed any missing text on Chrome for MB.

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