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  • Reducing my personal hosting complexity

    Have you ever put off a task because you felt like it would take you far too long so you just procrastinate and simply never get it done? I do this all the time. And, for the most part, when I do finally get around to getting the task completed I find out that my…

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  • Three updates to my site

    I’ve recently made three small updates to my site. I suppose the first one isn’t so small. I’ve changed web hosts. Last week I migrated this site from WP Engine (which was getting very costly) to Dreamhost (which, so far, has under performed). Moving the site was rather painless. However, the performance of Dreamhost’s shared…

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  • Dreamhost supports Micro.blog

    Jonathan LaCour, SVP, Product & Technology at Dreamhost: We’d like to make it as easy as possible to launch a WordPress-powered microblog on DreamHost that integrates well with Manton’s upcoming Micro.blog service. In order to support that mission, DreamHost is kicking in a $5,000 pledge to the Kickstarter. Nice move Dreamhost.

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