Developers, Let me tell you about Microsoft (audio)

I’ve been writing about Microsoft’s moves for the last three years. This week everything has come together and I’ve been writing my first multi-platform application using C# and Visual Studio. In this long rant I go on and on about how Microsoft needs to spread the word about what they are up to.

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    “…It’s not a cludgy piece of junk like Eclipse…”

    LOL! Considering a recent conversation on Slack, ouch.

    It is painful. At least on the Mac. I don’t know about on Windows. That said, Visual Studio is very, very nice on the Mac.

    John George

    I use it on Windows. Visual Studio is the most streamlined full IDE I’ve ever used for any language.

    While I’m at it, I’ll go a step further and swoon over C#. C# is such an elegant language. Clean code is build right into the syntax.


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