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  • Xamarin videos, now on YouTube

    Me, 17-minutes into an audio bit in 2017 (paraphrasing): If you go onto YouTube search for a problem you’re having for Xcode and Swift you’ll find 15 well-produced videos to solve your problem. […] But you won’t find 15 well-produced videos with Visual Studio + C# (or Xamarin). For the last few years I’ve thought…

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  • Xamarin.Forms 3.1

    David Ortinau on the Xamarin Blog: Earlier this year, we surveyed Xamarin.Forms developers about the kinds of custom controls and extra platform code being written repeatedly that should be considered for support “in the box”. From these conversations, we created an initiative to deliver as many as we could in the next several releases. Just…

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  • Developers, Let me tell you about Microsoft (audio)

    I’ve been writing about Microsoft’s moves for the last three years. This week everything has come together and I’ve been writing my first multi-platform application using C# and Visual Studio. In this long rant I go on and on about how Microsoft needs to spread the word about what they are up to. Links for…

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