What I saw this week #27: January 6, 2017

Welcome to 2017. Let's get started.

ichelle im - Andrew Kim (remember him?) and his wife Michelle JY Park launched something new.

Slack Fund's bots - Slack's fund for investing in apps that integrate into Slack invested in 11 bots. Pretty neat collection. Great to see them investing in this particular way. I'll write more on this in the future perhaps.

Fifty Shades + The Fly - I'm a sucker for a trailer mashup. But I'm undoubtedly a sucker for Jeff Goldblum in anything. (notice, this is a video that is shared exclusively on Twitter, I think we'll see more of this this year)

Ed Sheeran's two new singles - I love the way he shared these.

Steve Jobs on post-PC era - Prescient as always. I remember watching this when he was interviewed and totally understanding the analogy he gave. But the bit I missed was how uncomfortable I'd be about this transition. Boy was he right. I'm being pulled kicking and screaming. Which is why I've jumped in head first with an iPhone 7 Plus recently.

Diego Luna's accent - Luna played a lead role in Rogue One and kept his Mexican accent which has resonated well with the community. Interestingly I didn't even notice his accent - or, rather, I guess I didn't think about it at the time. Really glad this is making people feel good. Kudos to Luna.

2,800 followers! - My little Watercolor Gallery recently passed 2,800 followers on Twitter. I really need to get back to my schedule at the gallery and start curating again. I'm terribly proud of that web site.

Front-end Style Guides - $8 ebook by Anna Debenham.

Mirror Effect - Super cool HTML/CSS/JS effect that could be very useful.