What I saw this week #23: December 7, 2016

Since this is what-i-saw #23 let's all watch the top 50 plays by Michael Jordan.

The Modest Man Income Reports - Ever wonder what it looks like to run a blog for money? Brock from The Modest Man shares all of the numbers. Great insight.

Web advent calendars - Two I'm following this month are 24 ways and web.advent.today.

Cinnamon Sugar Candied Bacon - Whiskey Bacon shared a recipe. Go get it.

Gitscout - A macOS app for Github issues.

The Outline - The Outline launched. My thoughts.

10x16 - Reimagined cover art. Some great stuff in here.

Claude Monet painting outdoors in 1915 - I often wish that moving images were invented hundreds of years ago so that we could see more of our history.

Lauren Hom, traveling illustrator - Great way to explore the world and share art.

Prince Stories - GQ mag asked friends of Prince for stories. Excellent stuff.

The Arrival Alphabet - If you haven't seen Arrival yet change that.