A few updates to my site

Late last week and over the weekend I’ve made a few subtle updates to my site. I saw that this weekend was Indie Web Camp in Brighton and while I can’t travel a few thousand miles to hack on my blog I can sit at my desk and do a bit of hacking.

The main things I updated were randomizing the image shown on the home page, cleaning up the main site navigation, changing the word "photos" to "images" since they were interchangeable throughout the site, and cleaning up a bit of the code. Somehow I had forked my own theme’s code a few month’s back and so the code was a little bit sporadic. I was able to sift through the source and cobble together what must have been a few different nights of hacking and then ditch the rest. Now I’ll be able to make some steady progress on making this site a bit more what I would like.

In addition, I’m rebuilding The Watercolor Gallery in WordPress and adding a few features and will be "relaunching" that site within the next few weeks. I’m really looking forward to doing so as I have a backlog of features, interviews, art spaces and videos to publish.

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