Shooting San Francisco with GoPro

This summer I’ve found myself shooting with my GoPro Hero3 a lot. And not just while kayaking. I really dig the perspective and most of what is captured is fairly Instagrammable. I’ll also mention that the GoPro form factor is less obtrusive than the iPhone in that people hardly notice the GoPro at all.

In late-June Kyle and I made an unexpected and unplanned business trip to San Francisco so I took my GoPro along and shot a few photos along the way. These are unedited (save for size) direct from the camera.

There are several small tweaks that I typically make to the photos coming from my GoPro before posting them to Instagram — such as bumping up the saturation, bring some light to the shadows, sharpening, etc. — but overall I think the GoPro has a just different enough perspective from the iPhone that I’m dig using it.

I will say, however, that when I want to capture something with far better quality than the GoPro provides I still take out my iPhone and shoot.

Since I’ve been shooting with a Hero3 this summer I’m definitely eyeing up the GoPro Session. Based on the comparisons I’ve read it seems a capable little device.

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