Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9

Bradley Chambers, commenting on a new feature in the latest beta of iOS 9 that will allow the iPhone to switch to cellular data when a Wi-Fi connection gets weak:

This is going to be huge for Siri. One of the places that I typically use Siri is backing out of the driveway at home or the parking lot at work. Wi-Fi is just strong enough in both of those locations to stay connected, but have a hard time transmitting data. To a user, Siri is not working, but in reality it’s just a poor Wi-Fi connection.

This is likely my single biggest gripe with iOS currently.

Here is what happens; you walk out of your home and the Wi-Fi signal effectively drops to “one bar”. It can see the network, but it doesn’t have a strong enough signal to transfer data. The iPhone will just sit there spinning not knowing what to do. This happens to me a few times per day as I’m leaving my driveway and pulling into my parking spot at Coalwork.

I’ve simply turned Wi-Fi off on my iPhone and recently bumped up my data plan. I’d much rather just be on LTE all the time. I’m happy to see this as an option in iOS 9 but I don’t really know why it isn’t something that “just works”.

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