What I saw this week #7: October 11, 2013

Fall is in full swing and the leaves are all but gone. This time of year has been torn between the desire to be outdoors, soaking up what is left of the season, and being indoors around a fireplace in my pub.

There is so much awesome happening each week on the web I'm having trouble keeping up. I think I might have to figure out a slightly better workflow to keep a post like this from getting unwieldy.

10 Creative Instagram Users - A good list from Kaylene Kong on The Next Web. There are a ton of talented photographers on Instagram. Finding them is the hard part.

Things I Learned Working on the Twitter Platform - In this series Ryan Sarver, previously Director of Platform at Twitter, will write about his experiences building the highly scalable communications platform. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Evan Williams on how to make money online - He claims, at XOXO Fest, that he has found the secret. Here is the spoiler: “Take a human desire, preferably one that has been around for a really long time…Identify that desire and use modern technology to take out steps.”

Audio: Startup Lehigh Valley [Special Episode] - Local guys Tim Lytle, Wayne Barz, Anthony Durante, and Brian Knight team up to chat about the changes in the laws regarding crowdfunding. It is worth a listen.

Video: The Day Wonderland Stood Still - What happens if you film Philadelphia with a full-spectrum camera with a yellow filter? This.

Women Who Code - A list on Twitter curated by John Resig. We need a lot more women in our industry at every single level. This is a great list. Subscribed.

All Is Fair in Love and Twitter - Nick Bilton's upcoming book Hatching Twitter looks like it will be full of some good, juicy, behind-the-scenes stuff. This is an excerpt.

Video: Maciej Ceglowski, of Pinboard, at XOXO Fest - Ceglowski's talk weaves Thoreau's deepest insights into a thoughtful and entertaining 30 minutes. Recommended.

Photo-set: Square's new 150,000 sq ft offices - My take away? There is money in payments.

"Let there be an iPhone" - Fred Vogelstein was an engineer at Apple working very closely with Steve Jobs just prior to the original iPhone unveiling in 2007. This is a very rare glimpse of what was going on, the pressure, and the performance.

Blogging My Art Through The Years - Ron Husband joined Disney in its heyday as an illustrator. He's sharing his work and stories on a blog.

Christopher Columbus was awful (but this other guy was not) - The Oatmeal tears down the Christopher Columbus of our grade school history books.

That's it. See you next week and have an excellent weekend.