Apple naysayers are a good thing for the company

Jean-Louis Gassée postulates that it is a good thing for Apple that pundits and industry types constantly spell out their doom.

I recently experienced a small epiphany: I think the never-ending worry about Apple’s future is a good thing for the company. Look at what happened to those who were on top and became comfortable with their place under the sun: Palm, Blackberry, Nokia…

I have to say, I hadn’t thought of this angle. For years I’ve been annoyed that, every time Apple releases any new or updated product, that there are so many naysayers. Apple’s growth in terms of marketshare, brand, and revenue are astounding. They should be applauded!

However, Jean-Louis makes a great point that a company doing as well as Apple should never, ever allow themselves to get too comfortable. It is a long fall from the top.