Weigh in: April 6, 2009

I'm happy to report that I did much better during this second week of the diet than I did during the second week of the diet back in June 2006 (Wow, has it been that long already?) when I gained 3 pounds. This week I'm down another four pounds and I currently weigh 199 pounds.

My goals, as stated last week, were: "... to cut down on carbs, eat more fruits and vegetables as snacks, go completely beer and wine free for the week, and lose two more pounds." I did pretty well with trying to stick to these goals but I was far from perfect. While I didn't drink any beer this week I did have some homemade pear wine last night that was given to us. I didn't do very well on trying to cut down on the number of carbs I've had for the week. In fact, I didn't measure the number of carbs I had at all. I didn't play any basketball and only ran twice. I did, however, eat more fruit and vegetables as snacks and did well with not eating too much.

One of the things I find most challenging during the second week is getting over the "make it a habit hump." It is said that you have to do something 7 times (I think?) in order to make it a habit. I don't know how this philosophy fits in with the complexities surrounding diets, but I know that for me to truly change my eating and exercising habits I need to get through the second week. If you look at the arc of my dieting last time, you can see that from the second week on it was a landslide towards the finish. I was totally committed to my diet, did really well with exercising on a regular basis, and kept up with my weekly goals. I'm hoping the same is true this time around.

I'm glad to have this second week over with and to have a decent weight loss. Now I'm ready to really ratchet up my commitment to the diet until I get to my goal.

My goals for this week include: drinking more water, trying to measure the number of carbs I eat, playing basketball twice, running three times, and having only one glass of wine. (I don't want to cut out wine completely but I'll probably have it earlier in the week this time.) Also, I'd like to lose two pounds this week.

I hope everyone else on the diet had as good or better a second week as I had and that we all continue on to reach our goals.