Another dieting success story

This is exactly what I needed to read this week.  I’ve been struggling with my weight, again, and I’d rather it not get out of control, again, and so I’m looking for motivation.  Recently, I’ve hopped back on track ((I’ll put out an update again once we get our weight scale fixed.)) and so I’m happy to have read this today.

Jesse, a copyrighter from Chicago, has been doing really great on his diet for over a year and a half. For those wondering he’s doing Weight Watchers Online while I tend to do my own thing.  But as we’ve all said before on the diet, it doesn’t matter what diet you choose just that you start doing one.

Jesse’s statistics from the last 18-months have been very impressive.  He mentions in his blog post that he lost “1 Colin Devroe” because he lost 197.2lbs in those 18-months.  This just so happened to be the amount I weighed on Week Ten of my diet ((Which was 2 years ago.)).

Congratulations Jesse. Thanks for the inspiration to stick with it!

Source: What I’ve Lost: 18 Months On Weight Watchers.