My first Amazon Wish List

You could just get lost on Amazon, couldn’t you?  Every single category seems to have a never ending list of subcategories, each with their own products as you drill down.  I have never “shopped” on  I’ve purchased a few things on the site, usually by someone linking to a product, but I’ve never just browsed around.

Tonight I spent some time making up my first ever Amazon Wish List.  Why?  Because I wanted to browse around, not buy anything, but not waste my time either.  Now I have a good list of all the things that I was able to find in a short period of time that I will, one day, probably end up buying.

At first glance the list may seem a bit over the top.  It is.  It consists of a 42″ LCD HDTV, a few lenses for my DSLR that are in the $1,000 range, and a few other miscellaneous things that one might consider “extravagent”.  Again, it is.  But I have good taste (*snickers*) and this list is really more for me than anyone else.

Should someone want to pick up one of the more inexpensive items on the list as a thank you for something they’ve found on my site, some of my projects that I’ve done over the years, or because they’d rather do that than owe me a beer “forever”, now they know where to look.

Source: My Wish List.

(Side note: I added this to my sidebar on the home page and about page along with a link to buy Threadless tees.  If you buy a tshirt from Threadless using that link I get a credit towards buying a shirt for myself.)