Weigh in: Week Fifty One

Just one week shy of a full year on this diet! This week has been a great week though at the moment I feel like I went a few rounds with the champ.

MeToday: May 17, 2007

I can has cramp

Last week was the normal exercise and workout activities but near the end of the week Chris and I, via my good friend Larry, discovered HIIT running. The photo on your right is the result of my first HIIT session wherein I got a cramp and Chris nearly showed his lunchables. HIIT running is addictive and a little bit insane. Once you've done it and the pain along with the throbbing head veins subside, you crave it. You are constantly thinking about your next session and how you need to add another cycle. Like I said, insane.

This weekend we hit a few wineries, as we tend to love doing so much, and enjoyed a massive amount of great food and wine. Picnics in vineyards people! Naturally I thought I'd overdone it. Come to find out I didn't gain an ounce over the weekend. So just like last week I'm sittin' pretty at 185.

Yesterday was our third round of HIIT running. However, since Chris and I are insane (as mentioned before), we decided to go to the gym for biceps, triceps, and forearm workouts before heading out to play basketball for a few more hours. But boy did it feel good (at the time). This morning I'm a little sore and a few of my joints are cursing me - but overall I'm in good shape.

I'm looking forward to making this a great week to end the first of many years on the diet.