I’ve switched back to iPhoto from Aperture

So a few weeks ago I asked for help to switch back to iPhoto from Aperture. I had a few issues that I wasn’t able to solve myself so I asked the masses for some direction.

Turns out I did learn a few things from the conversations this post, and the Apple discussion board post, that I created. But, nothing that came through those channels provided me with the solution I needed.

But I lucked out! I was digging through some old backups and I found that I backed up my photo library just before switching to Aperture on February 12th of this year. All I needed to do was open the backup, import any photos I took since that day, and move some libraries around and poof! I’m back in iPhoto and loving it.

As I stated, and before anyone gets a little woozy about using Aperture for their photo cataloging needs, the only reasons I am switching back are mentioned in this post. Nothing more. I really like Aperture but I can not deal with those two caveats (unfortunately). I look forward to giving Aperture, or perhaps Lightroom, another look in the future.