Weigh in: Week Forty Eight

As we approach the first full year of the diet I’m excited to report another great week of getting more healthy!

Even though I only got to play a little basketball and managed to hit the gym only once this week, I did what I think was a great job in the "food intake" department.

This week I weighed in at 186.4 pounds which is a loss of 2 pounds since last week. I’m hoping to reach my goal of 185.0 by the time the full one-year mark rolls around and I’d love to maintain that weight for the foreseeable future.

My trips to the gym have obviously caused me to gain a few pounds in muscle and if I can continue that trend hopefully I’ll stay around the same weight while only gaining weight from muscle and losing fat. I know that to pull this off I’ll have to change the foods that I eat pretty dramatically – which is something that I’d love to do but feel might be one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced on my diet yet.

To gain muscle, and subsequently strength, I have to start eating a lot more protein and just generally healthier foods and leave the junk food and carbohydrates behind. Being that my current food diet is not even close to what it should be in this regard, I think it will be a big thing if I can pull this off. It begins with the food I actually have in the house – so shopping with the mindset that I want to only have good food in the house is probably the first step.

Can any recommend a shopping list for someone in my situation?

Update: I just wanted to thank everyone that sent me suggestions – especially James who wrote a great comment on this post with his suggestions and insight. James is definitely a great resource and friend to have – be sure to check out his site to monitor his progress which has been inspirational for me and my diet thus far.

I hope everyone is doing just as well on their diets as I’ve been able to do lately. Obviously I’ve had my bumps in the road but overall I could not be more happy with the results of deciding to diet. As this first year passes me by I look forward to continuing this new lifestyle for the rest of my life.

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