Eagles vs. Packers

The best type of gift to give someone is the type of gift you also benefit from. Eliza has always wanted to see her favorite NFL team, the Green Bay Packers, live and in-person. I’ve also never gone to an NFL game (at least not in my adult-life) so I was equally as excited to give her the tickets as she was to receive them.

What makes this gift all the sweeter is that I didn’t have to drive either! We opted to take a bus trip down where they provide food and drink, a movie on the ride to and from, and the tickets – all in one package. I am not a big fan of driving let alone driving in Philadelphia during an Eagles game.

Eliza and I

Pre-game at Lincoln Financial Field

We had great seats. We got an email one-day prior to the game asking if we’d like to upgrade our seats for only 10-additional dollars. After consulting the seating chart we both decided it seemed like it was worth it, and boy was it ever worth it. Our seats rivaled those closest to the field – yet we both feel we had a better view.

Panoramic view of Lincoln Financial Field

Panoramic view of the field from our seats

Even though the Packers did not win, we still had a great time and were treated fairly well by both fans and staff. We’re looking forward to doing it again sometime.

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