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Hershey Park sign

Welcome to Hershey Park

This past weekend we visited Hershey Park, and I wanted to make a note of something that really gets me. Theme Park prices are the worst example of good business practices, and also the best example of them, ever.

How are they the worst and the best examples? They are the worst example because they totally exploit a vulnerability in their customers. They are the best example because they totally exploit a vulnerability in their customers. That vulnerability is that there is no choice, while in the park, as to who you buy your food and drink from. You’re forced to buy whatever the park offers – at their price points.

I’ll give you a quick example of how I was sucked in at Hershey Park. After hitting a few rides, I decided it was time for an ice cream cone. I love ice cream. The cone, which was very good, cost me about $7.50. I can buy two-gallons of fairly good-quality ice cream for $5.00, and if I wanted to go crazy I could go to Walmart or Sam’s Club and pick up a 5-gallon bucket for around the same amount. 5-gallons for the price of a single cone at Hershey Park! The quality of the 5-gallons is probably debatable – but sure volume is not.

A water in the park is usually $2.00. Although, if the temperature gets above 90-degrees (which we’ve seen this while at Disney World in Florida numerous times), the price will go up. So, if we are to follow what doctors recommend for our daily intake of water, we’re looking at spending about $16.00 per day on water per person. For a family of four that’d be $64.00 per day. Obviously you wouldn’t be purchasing your daily water for your family through Hershey Park – but you get my point.

How do you combat this wicked-foe? Cook a meal at home prior to going to the park. Bring your own water in back-pack. And wait to eat again until you are ready to leave the park (or bring a small snack or unspoilable sandwich in said back-pack). This will save you tons of money.

I suppose I should have taken my own advice about the ice cream, but boy was it good.

A group photo at Chocolate World

On the tour-ride at Chocolate World

Eric, me, Trudy, Nikki, and Eliza

On the contrary to the above, Chocolate World (which is a part of Hershey Park if you didn’t guess it) is a very inexpensive way to spend a little time. Free parking, free tour of how chocolate goes from the tree to the wrapper, and a free candy bar at the end.

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