Weigh in: Week Eleven

Eleven weeks and still going strong. Although I missed one day worth of exercise, which was replaced with eating, drinking, and being merry - I still did fairly well.

Last week, I weighed in at 197.2 pounds. This week I'm 194.4 pounds for a loss of 2.8 pounds, and I'm really happy with this result.

Remember, my original goal was 190 pounds. As I got closer to that, I realized that I needed to readjust that end-result goal. My new end-result goal is 180 pounds. Once I get there, I'll see if some readjustment will need to be done yet again.

Being on a diet, for any length of time, can be a challenge. Being on a diet for eleven weeks is, in my mind, a feat. One of the main things that has kept me going is all the inspiration I've been getting from the challenges that others have faced, and yet have overcome those challenges, pressed forward, and have been successful in their efforts.

Thanks to everyone that helped me get through another week.

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