Weigh in: Week three

This week has been a great week. As you know from last week’s weigh in, I didn’t do so great last week. This week I think I did really well, though the numbers do not necessarily reflect that – yet.

As a brief catch-up; my starting weight was 225.6, my goal is to lose around 3 pounds per week. Since I had a minor set back on the second week, I weighed in at 221.8 pounds last week. This week I am at 219. That is nearly my goal, but what is more is that I feel like I did really well.

On Sunday I played about 3 hours of basketball outside. For someone that is ~220 pounds, this isn’t so easy. Then, last night, I played for ~4 hours as is typical for me on Mondays. Truth is, while I am indeed sore from the exercise, I have more energy and stamina to stick with it until the end. Generally I start getting pretty slow by the end of the night – while last night I remained fairly quick up until it was time to leave. I’d much rather have this type of success than just a number on a scale.

My goal for the week four weigh in is 216 or less. I hope everyone had as good of a week as I did. Remember to write your entries based on “the rules“, for your entry to be eligible for our contest this week. Also, I will have an update to our dieters list coming today, so keep an eye out for new dieters joining us.

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