The Owego New York Strawberry Festival and a visit from my parents

Eliza and I had a really nice weekend. The weather, although a bit hot for my taste, couldn’t have been much better. On Saturday we drove up to Owego, New York with my mother-in-law and Eliza’s two aunts for Strawberry Festival. We had a great time, got to see some cool stuff, and eat some festival food. I limited myself to a Steak & Cheese and a few fries, a strawberry smoothie, and a Jack Daniel’s and Coke.

There was some really nice music playing in various portions of the town. Dear John (not sure if this is their official site or not) was there. They have some really good sound to their music, decent lyrics, and their front-man is pretty decent live. But they could definitely use help on the backup signing.

Derrick and Dunstin

Derrick and Dustin performing

Derrick and Dustin, who do not appear to have a Web site, were playing some Jazz next to a restaraunt (which they seem to do each year) have a really really great sound. I asked for a CD but they said they had sold out already, and so I just sent them an email asking if I can send some moola their way if they’d send me a copy. I’m not sure what goals these guys have, or if they ever want to "make it", or just do this for fun – but I think they would have potential to put out something spectacular.

On Sunday, my parents came in for a visit. We had a nice lunch with my parents, and my sister Nettie’s family. We all stayed on our diets (my parents included) and ate grilled chicken salad and fruit. In my opinion, a perfect lunch.

After that I went and played basketball for about three hours, came home and watched a horrible Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Come on Dallas! What did you do this weekend?

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