Weekend one

I'd like to let everyone know, that I will be in as much pain, if not more pain, than all of you this weekend. Weekends are definitely the hardest time to stay on a diet - with get-togethers, cookouts, restaraunts, movies, etc. Please stay strong through this weekend whether it is your first or not.

Big things coming next week - and our first official week of weigh-ins. So stick to it this weekend, and let's have a great Tuesday weigh-in. Enjoy, be safe.

Friday - June 2nd

Ok, so incremental updates might help - to show how I am doing this weekend. Eliza really wanted to see "The Breakup", and we wanted to go out to eat. But, can we stay on our diets! We did really well. We went to Ruby Tuesday and ordered the salad bar. I had almost 900 calories remaining for me for the day, and so I was able to eat two plate fulls of really good salad with all the fixins'.

Then, we did some shopping, went the movie (ate nor drank anything at the theatre), came home and I had a small glass of wine before bed. Friday was a piece of cake, and it was one of the only days in recent memory that I hadn't eaten after 7 o'clock at night.

I hope everyone else's weekend is going well. Now I have to make some breakfast.

Saturday - June 3rd

Yesterday went better than I thought it would. I thought for sure I would crack on Saturday - but I did pretty well. For breakfast Eliza and I had some english muffins with jelly, which turns out to be much more satisfying now that my stomach is shrinking.

For lunch I had a BLT with no mayo at a local diner. There was an entire plate of chips that came with this meal, but I only ate two chips out of the entire pile - and asked the waitress to take the plate away. That is a personal victory for me. Not because I love chips, but because I have a habit of eating everything put in front of me.

For dinner Eliza requested I make some stir-fry. Which I did, and only had one helping! Again, another personal victory. For desert I had some Café Noir that we bought in the Finger Lakes and a small bag of oreos (140 calories for each small bag).

Another day down in this all-important first weekend. What are all of you eating? Oh, I have to make some breakfast now before we have to leave.

Sunday - June 4th

Sunday wasn't too bad, though I know I went over my goal caloric in-take for the day. For breakfast Eliza and I made some english muffins again. For lunch, Chris and I had a red baron round pizza (400 calories).

For dinner I was left with about 900 calories again, which is good. But then Chris and I got to watching the Food Network. For those that don't know, I love to cook as much as I love to eat. So, I figured I would cook up a burger for each of us. But what is a burger with no fries? And, I do mean french fries. So I drove to the grocery store, picked up a couple of potatoes and made my own french fries. They turned out ok, but I am pretty sure that if you combine everything - along with the bottles of wine we got rid of - I was probably a few hundred calories over my limit. Not a huge deal - though I'll try harder next time.

I hope everyone's weekend went very well. Tomorrow is weigh-in day for week number one! If you are still debating on joining us - start tomorrow.

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