The diet log makes a comeback, in a whole new way

I used to write a diet log, that is – when I was actually on a diet. Mike, Chris and I will be "competing" in a diet contest.

Since it is very hard to compete for pounds, or percentage of body fat, etc – we’ve decided that we’re just going to try to help each other lose weight until we reach our goal weight.

Tomorrow marks day one of this venture, and I will be releasing what my current weight and goal weight are. So stay tuned to our three sites for updates.

If you’d like to join us, send me an email or comment, and we’ll add you to the list. I setup a quick page to keep track of all those that are going to join us. Tell your friends and family members, and join in.

Update – I created a page to keep track of dieters.

Also, remember that tomorrow is weigh in time so post on your respective sites your current weight and your goal weight (if you have a real goal set in mind yet). Photos are welcome (I will be doing one whether you wanna see my naked self or not), but are definitely optional.

Another update – As expected, we’re not alone and people are coming from all over to join up. We really appreciate the help. Even if you don’t join the effort for yourself, join it for us. We need all the support we can get.

If you have a blog, use it to tell your audience to join in before tomorrow. Tell your best friend to do it with you, your sibling, or your parents. For this type of thing to really work, we need to try to let others know that we’re trying – so that they can help out.

Update (wow) – Wow. This type of response is overwhelming. And I wanted to make a few things clear to those that emailed me, etc. You can sign up at any point you don’t need to start today. Also, the word "diet" doesn’t stand for weight-loss. If you need to put on a few pounds, or just generally eat healthier, this effort is for you too. I know a lot of people struggle with being too skinny, or their overall perception of themselves, and you need to know that you are not alone in that. So join up, we’re all here for you.

Oh, and about transplanting my fat to a skinny person? You’d have to pay me for this fat. I’ve worked long and hard for it. 😉 Day one weigh in people! Make sure you subscribe to every site on the list of dieters so you can track everyone’s progress, and be motivated to continue.

– If you are going to do photos with your weigh-ins, you may now post them to our very own group on Flickr.

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