Lightning photos

Lightning bolt lights up the sky

Lightning illuminates everything, click above for more photos

Wow. We were just treated to an extraordinary display of nature. Thunderstorms, while not uncommon in our neck of the woods, typically pass very quickly. Tonight we had a thunderstorm that went on for a few hours, and is still fading slowly as I write this.

Eliza managed to video tape at least 8 really great bolts that ripped through the night sky. I’ll see if I can get her to post them up online and jot down a description for you all.

While Eliza was doing that, I was trying to take some photos of the bolts, but that is much easier said than done. Out of a little more than one-hundred tries, I was able to get these 24. Out of these 24 only a few are really good. But they were worth the effort and the wait.

Conclusion: Lightning rocks.

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