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My friend Carl, painting plein air oil, on 35mm

Seven Tubs in winter on 35mm

Recorded January 13 2020.

In spring 2018 Eliza and I walked Seven Tubs and I photographed the area on my Google Pixel 2 XL. On that visit I created a vivid, punchy set of photos that showcased the pop of color we saw that day.

Visiting Seven Tubs in winter, and shooting on expired film, results in a much more subdued set of images – but still very interesting.

I hope you enjoy this episode and these photos.

All images taken on expired Kodak Color Gold 400 on Canon Rebel G.

Pano from 12 images
f/22 ∙ 1/60sec ∙ 55mm ∙ ISO 400
f/16 ∙ 1/160sec ∙ 250mm ∙ ISO 400

Greenfield Road – October 2019

These images, and this audio, are from the very first episode of Photowalking with Colin. At the time of the recording I was experimenting with a new app, a setup, a process. I had never published the images! So I thought I’d get around to that today.

If you haven’t already listened to the audio, you’ll hear that I stop and ask a nearby neighbor, who I now know as Walt, for access to his property to shoot a few photos. The story of his property, being somewhere that people used to pay $1 a car to park and swim some 60 or so years ago, was unexpected.

I think it was this experience, over any other, that led me to continue and create the podcast. I’m glad I did because I’m really enjoying it.

Flying a drone at sunset – October 2019

This image is from my Flying a drone at sunset episode of Photowalking with Colin. You can listen to that episode above to get the whole story. Be sure to subscribe to the blog or the podcast to get future episodes delivered right to you.

Carbondale, Pennsylvania – April 2017

Downtown Scranton in Bloom – April 2018

I went for a quick stroll through the square to make sure I saw the trees in bloom. They shed these flowers very quickly.

Cider Mill, Clifford, PA – December 2017

Prompton Dam, Prompton State Park – October 2017

Trees, Merli-Sarnoski Park, Carbondale, PA – September 2017

Clinton, PA – July 2017

Prompton State Park – July 2017

I’m just getting to look at some photos I made with the drone in July.

Top of the World, Dunmore Pine Barrens – June 2017


Along the path – October 2016


Sunset through pines, Lackawanna State Park – October 2016

First snow of fall 2016 – November 20 2016


The colors of fall, Lackawanna State Park – October 2016


Fall sunset on a dusty road – October 2016


Up through pines, Promised Land State Park – September 2016


Frances Slocum Lake, Frances Slocum State Park – October 2016


Tree-lined street, San Francisco – July 2015


Fall on Bullhead Bay – October 2016


Fall horses, Greenfield Township, PA – October 2016


Prompton Lake, Prompton, PA – June 2016


A cloud from Top of the World, Dunmore, PA – September 2016 (zoom)


Rowboat, Promised Land State Park – September 2016

Foggy Apple Orchard - June 2016

Foggy Apple Orchard – June 2016

Lackawanna Lake

Frozen Lackawanna Lake, Lackawanna State Park, February 2016

Cape May Island

Cape May Island – May 2016

Sunset in the backyard

Bullhead Bay, Lackawanna State Park, November 2015

Delaware River, Milanville, NY, March 2016 – From the Callicoon Photo Adventure.