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Mastodon in April

April hasn’t ended but Eugene Rochko wanted to share what has happened thus far with Mastodon during the month. It is an interesting post. Always neat to see explosions like this from the inside. Like this bit: So, April, huh. Twitter changed the reply system, which everybody told them they shouldn’t do, and then removed […]


How to support Mastodon

Don’t know what Mastodon is? Read my Observations on Mastodon post first. I’m all in over on Mastodon for #woollyweek. I thought I’d take a moment to jot down all the ways you can support Mastodon even if you’re not running your own instance, aren’t a programmer, or have a ton of time. Support a […]


I’m in for #woollyweek

Speaking of Mastodon, a few tooters have massed together to start #woollyweek. Sebastian Morr: In our experience, a hard cut works best for trying out new platforms like this. The idea is simple; you log out of Twitter and stay away from it for an entire week starting this coming Monday April 24. Anything you […]


Observations on Mastodon

I’ve been fiddling with Mastodon (to the tune of over 500 toots). I’ve also been reading up on the history of the service a lot over the last few weeks. Here are some general observations that I’ve made along with a few helpful links. Mastodon isn’t a single service. It is an open source app that […]