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Testing the iPhone 11 Pro Max – November 2019

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In this post I was testing the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s cameras while walking around Honesdale, PA at lunch time. I wish I had had more time on this day as I was just hitting my stride.

MeToday: May 4, 2018 – May the 4th be with you. Coworking with Ted and Aaron. (see also, and on Flickr)

Also enjoyed some Pho.

Paper Caves, Honesdale, PA – December 2017

Goregous, immersive art exhibit.


Wayne County Public Library, Honesdale, PA – August 2016


Flowering vine, Hillside Avenue, Honesdale, Pa – September 2016

Black and Brass

Black & Brass Roasting Company, Honesdale, PA – August 2016


DV8 (now, DVEIGHT) Magazine on a bench in Ba & Me in Honesdale, PA – November 2015

Ba & Me, Honesdale, PA, November 2015

Ba & Me, Honesdale, PA, November 2015

Bá & Me, Honesdale, PA, November 2015

The Cooperage Project, Honesdale, PA, December 2015

Apartments, Honesdale, PA