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Colin Walker on blogrolls

Colin Walker: Part of the problem with people based following models on social networks is that you follow the whole person so see everything they post whether it is relevant to you or not. There is no filtering system. He goes on to mention that blogrolls that also supply an OPML file make it quick […]

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Andy Baio: In September 2003, I opened to the public. And now, 4,941 days later, four years after Yahoo shut it down and deleted everything, is back ā€” thanks to you. I’ve been waiting for this since last June. I have the feeling this version will be around a very, very long time. […]

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Andy Baio has resurrected a massive amount of’s first 10 years of event data: This is a static historical archive more than 7 million events saved from Upcoming’s first ten years. The vast majority of events were saved, and the original URLs for nearly all of them are active again ā€” along with the […]