Waxy.org turns 20

I celebrated right along with Andy when Waxy.org turned 10 and I’m still here cheering him on as Waxy.org turns 20.

Andy Baio:

Ten years ago, I wrote a roundup of my favorite posts from my first decade of blogging, and I thought I’d do the same thing for 2012-2021. If you missed them the first time around, I hope you check them out this time. Looking back on the last ten years, I’m proud of so many of these pieces.

While Andy focuses on the main pieces he’s published to Waxy.org over the decades I can tell you that of equal import is his link list sidebar on his homepage. I have been made aware of many enjoyable internet things via Andy.

Thanks Andy. Onto the next 10 (I’ll beat you to 30, sort of).

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