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Moods of Longwood Gardens – May 2018

Architecture of Longwood Gardens – May 2018

SET: Trees of Longwood Gardens

I love that every tree was marked with it’s name. And that nearly 90 year old Bonsai.

People of Longwood Gardens – May 2018

SET: Flowers of Longwood Gardens

I have far too many images to put all into a single set. So I’ll be sharing multiple photosets.

Longwood Gardens in early May is an explosion of bloom. I took hundreds of photos of flowers.

Zach Leatherman’s garden

Zach Leatherman:

As my own little corner of the web uncermoniously turned ten years old this year, it’s really starting to feel more like a garden than a piece of software. I certainly enjoy tending to it. I can plant what I like and with proper care it can grow into something useful.

First, how cool is his last name?

I like this analogy of comparing a personal web site to tending to your own personal garden.

Gardening is a violent act

Harold Jenkins:

I’ve long wanted to do a piece on the subject of gardening as violence. Gardening is an extremely violent act. To start a garden you must first kill whatever is already growing in the place you want to garden: cut down trees, tear out vines, rip up or smother sod. Then you break the soil and work it into a condition ready for planting.

I found this bit nestled in a post about a recent poem that Jenkins wrote and even performed. Gardening is a violent act? Fascinating perspective.

A small herb garden

Eliza and I planted a few herbs this past weekend.


Winterized garden


Before, After. Oh, and that rose was nothing to mess with.

Rooftop gardening in Bukchon, Seoul, South Korea

I’m totally jealous and inspired by this woman’s rooftop garden in South Korea. Simple, great use of space, economical, environmental.