Colin Devroe

First weigh in and my goal for my diet

30 May 2006

Current weight: 225.6 pounds

I've been floating between 220 and 227 for what seems like forever. When I did my diets in the past I quickly lose weight, then give up - and spring right back into this range. I suppose I should just be happy that I don't just keep getting heavier.

Colin Devroe Day one

May 30th, 2006 - 225.6lbs. (in Flickr group too)

I wanted to make sure my face looked really sad, like the guys you see on TV that do it. Then, when I lose a few pounds I'll suck in my stomach, have a tan, and a smile on my face. Oh, and I need a haircut too.

Obviously, this picture is not flattering for me to post up here. But I am hoping that it is just part of my motivation. So, please comment on how ugly I am - so that I get off my butt and run or something.

My goal weight is 190 pounds.

If you would like to join me, and my friends, in losing weight - just ask to join the list of dieters.

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