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Matt Webb’s 15 rules for blogging

September 14, 2020

Matt Webb finds himself on a bit of a tear on his personal blog:

I’ve now been writing new posts for 24 consecutive weeks. Multiple posts a week. How on earth? I just calculated it, and I’ve added the live streak count to the site footer. I wonder how long I can keep it up.

He goes on to list his 15 rules for blogging. I prefer to call them goals rather than rules but it is his blog who am I to say?

That said, I don’t personally agree with every single one of his rules. My favorite is likely #14. However, writing is like dieting, do whatever works for you. There are no rules.

Relevant, perhaps, to his list are my personal blogging tips. Maybe you can take what Webb writes and what I’ve written and come up with your own.


Colin Devroe says:

I’m now realizing that my sentence “I don’t personally agree with every single one of his rules” makes it sound as though I wholly disagree with them. Sorry about that.

What I meant to write was that, while I agree with some of them, I don’t agree with all of them.

pratik says:

@cdevroe Nice list. My favorite is #15

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