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  • Ron Chester on Webmentions

    Ron Chester: I have only one reservation about the development of this IndieWeb stuff. While it is in progress, most of these websites have disabled regular comments, if they ever had them. Often there is also no contact information given, or it takes a lot of hunting on their websites to find it. So if…

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  • Webmention on Micro.blog

    Manton Reece: We’ve been improving Micro.blog’s support for Webmention. When you reply to a post on Micro.blog, from the web or iOS app, it will ping the site you’re replying to, giving that site a chance to include the comment. Kudos to Manton as Webmentions seems to work beautifully is Micro.blog. The improvements show and…

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  • Colin Walker on the IndieWeb

    Colin Walker: Yet there is still a problem, and that is the apparent insistence on the implementation of specific technologies as implied by the guides and documentation. Go read his entire post. There are all sorts of "problems" with the IndieWeb and Walker lays some of them out nicely. (Remember, I told you to subscribe…

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