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Ron Chester:

I have only one reservation about the development of this IndieWeb stuff. While it is in progress, most of these websites have disabled regular comments, if they ever had them. Often there is also no contact information given, or it takes a lot of hunting on their websites to find it. So if one doesn’t have webmentions working on one’s own website, there is no obvious way of communicating with these folks about things they post. I have found that if they’re also on the Microblog website, one can post a message there, addressed to them. But that seems pretty round about, when an old school place to post a comment on their original post would be very easy to leave.

Please go to his site and read his entire post.

I read Ron’s post before making my decision to turn comments back on. Also, my email address is available on every page of my site. So if anyone would like to comment on anything on my site they should be able to do so both publicly and privately with ease.

Side note: One of the reasons we all turned off comments, aside from the benefits of disabling comments like more traffic to your site (I wrote this post 10 years ago!), is that people claimed that moderating comments is too much work. I no longer think that is an issue. Even if my blog became a popular place to comment I think I’d be able to keep up with it with the tools we have available now.

    Thanks for adding to the discussion, Colin. As is often the case for me, writing my article helped me reach my own conclusion, for the time being, about whether to try to get Webmentions working. (Not.)

    It’s a funny thing. I thought I had put the issue behind me. I went to Microblog and started reading stuff there. Suddenly I’m following a link to an article on Jack Baty’s site, which was his thoughts about another article I had written. Below his article were some comments that I and Manton Reese had written about his article on Microblog. I was seeing Webmentions in the flesh and I was in them! I had done nothing to make this happen. It was cooked up by Jack (or by Jack and Manton), who are both on the bleeding edge of technology. It felt a little strange, but kinda neat too.

    I don’t know whether this comment window works with markdown, so I’ll put a link to Jack’s article in the Website field below this editor.

    Cheers, Ron

    Thanks for stopping by Ron. Oh, don’t worry too much about trying to get webmentions working, you can be good at accounting so that I don’t have to be! :)


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